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Before I Had A Slurpee
January 18, 2013 01:15 PM PST
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December 18, 2012 09:43 PM PST
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December 18, 2012 04:48 AM PST
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Part 1.

Exprimntlst Radio Episode 12: Destroy the Imagination
December 04, 2012 11:54 PM PST
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Featuring Fox News, Piresian Beach, Meridian Signals, Femmini, Sun Worship, Albert Ayler, Rahsaan Roland Kirk, 60s k-tel commercial, Chris Allen & the Good Timers, Hills, Alice Coltrane featuring Pharoah Sanders, Swami Satchidananda

Exprimntlst Radio Episode 11: Your New Masters
October 02, 2012 03:04 PM PDT
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Diving into my vinyl collection a bit we start with the intro to Moonlight Music And You by Laura Green merged into The Bush By Mike Mainieri off his 1968 album Journey Thru An Electric Tube interrupted by Miles Davis telling off an unsatisfied crowd mixed into Andrey Rubtsov's compsition Sadness played behind Mr. Blue by Clear Light off their 1967 self titled album going directly into Brotherhood of Death by Apollo Sunshine from their 2008 album Shall Noise Upon. This brings us into a mostly inaudible argument over whether the logical next step for humans is racial cleansing or free hugs being played over HLD3 by metal krautrock band Cave from their album Hunt Like Devil/JAMZ released in 2007. Next we have Kiss My Smack from French noise surfers Catholic Spray from their 2011 album Amazon Hunt, which drifts off into a combined song featuring drum and bass duo JFK Didn't Even See It Coming playing their epic London Tussin' '62 which can be found free on their bandcamp layed over Dracula's Chauffeur Wants More by psych rockers Luger, which drifts off at the end behind Jackson Head by Boris from their 2011 album Heavy Rocks (Purple). Next we have classic sexism portrayed in an old Folgers commercial that doubles as a set up for the epic mountain of a song playing behind it called Church of Anthrax by John Cale & Terry Riley from their collaborative album of the same name released in 1971. This is mixed with some needed points of clarity given by the late, great Bertrand Russell and brings us to the end of Church of Anthrax which features an overlay of Steve's Jam by Bow Street Runners from their self titled album back in 1969. This drifts off into a scene of despair taken from an episode of Dr Who, that drifts off back into the outro for Steve's Jams going right back into a warning to save to your life into the song Maccabre from a 2010 demo by another great French band called Dusty Mush flying through their off kilter garage surf style merging into a classic warning of the future to come by Sesame Street creeped on by It's The New Dark Ages by Dan Melchior's Broke Revue from their album O,Clouds Unfold! from 2008 that drifts into an old capitalist propaganda cartoon disquised as a warning against the evils of socialism cut into Bill Maher giving his 2 cents being played over another epic track, this time a true psychedelic mammoth called Hellmouth from the 2009 album Subterranean Ritual by Midday Veil. Mixed in we find Jack Nicholson giving a proper response over an actual conversation between Rep. Jared Polis from Colorado and the Head of the DEA, Michele Leonhart mixed into a track by Mira Belle from a free album on bandcamp. We then find ourselves learning about the evils of hating each other and using foul language. Well at least my version of it. This all leads into a special cover song by Eliza Doolittle recorded acoustically backstage at a show and will remain nameless to keep some suspense until heard. Enjoy.

Exprimntlst Radio Episode 10: Archetypes of the Gods
September 17, 2012 10:05 PM PDT
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Tuli Kupferberg + Lungtanner.

- Limber. + Cache + The

Dreamhouse - Glowing Moon +

Many Mansions - Sun (Son) +

Bill Evans speaking on jazz +

Mount Analogue - We Walked In

To The Light Only To Find

Shadow + Invisible Allies -

Torquise Rain Chant + WU LYF -

Concrete Gold + Carl Sagan +

LAKE R?DIO - ????????? +

Christians asking questions +

Lungtanner. - Budsquealer +

Ohbliv - Evenflow + Natsumen -

August, Still Sunburst + The

Fugs - Nothing + Pharoah

Sanders - Village of the

Pharoahs pt. 1 + Foot Village

- Anti Magic + 88 Boadrums +

Archie Shepp - The Magic of

Ju-Ju pt. 1 + Andrew Douglas

Rothbard - lil'xmoke +

Pyramids - This House Is Like

Any Other World + the intro to

Sun Ra's movie + Nahid Alsarah

- Habibi Safr Mini + Donald

Byrd - BlackByrd + Quintron -

Place Unknown + Chubby Checker

- My Mind Comes From a Higher

Place + Harnessing the Power

of The Archetypes + Eola -

Take My Breath Away + Mohave

Triangles - Laying In Crop

Circles + Anthony Braxton +

Sesame Street Floating Face


Episode 9
September 05, 2012 01:00 AM PDT
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Al Bundy searching for his long lost record + White Flashes - Roond + Waylon Thornton - He Will Destroy You+ The Shivas - Heart & Soul + More Al Bundy + Lasso - The Drain of Time + Vinyl Williams - Object of the Source + The Fibonnacis + Terror Vision + Xophie Xweetland - Crumbz + Zorch - Cosmic Gloss + Ghost Hunters from Grave Encounters + Do While - Dancing on Diamond Water + The Gris Gris - Raygun + Clips from Ressurect Dead + Inflatable Matress - Gardening On Sylvia + Foot Village - Reggae War Zone + Bats On Acid - If You Listen Real Close You Still Won't Hear Words + Death Grips - Blood Creeping + Lungtanner. - Imprint + Magic Leaves - WVZ WVZ WVZ WVZ + Motion Sickness of Time Travel - Fade Away + Mowbird - Empress + Woodsman - No Drone + Foot Village - T.A.K.E. all whirlwinded together.

Exprimntlst Radio Episode 8: Burdens Of Bearded Men
August 31, 2012 07:59 PM PDT
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Amish hate crimes + The Men - Shittin' With The Shah + Pat Robertson Atheist Hating +
Worlds Biggest rollercoaster - Yr. Ocean +
Monster Rally - Strange Creeper +
BKBROWN - So Good 17 +
Telephones Rogues - Du Bis Dran +
Andy Boay - Fluflight +
Guizado - Asfalto Quente +
BK-ONE - Tema Do Canibal +
Lillie Bryant - Meet Me Halfway mixed with Mikal Cronin - Slow Down +
N.213 - Voxapella mixed with
Abschaum mixed with
Moon Watcher - Nostalgia Fits mixed with
Night Manager - Broke Haircut mixed with
Gonjasufi - Sheep wixed with
Soft Circle - Moon Oar Sunrise +
My Sexual Dad - Firewood & Sage + Jimi Hendrix interview mixed with
Les Rellizes Denudes - Enter The Mirror +
Minù & The Magic Spoon - Soul Love + Amish justice.

Exprimntlst Radio Episode 7: MNTL MNSNS
September 01, 2012 03:06 AM PDT
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The Ovations - I'm Living Good Ohbliv - Lorb Tyvek - Animal Ohbliv Lorb pt. 2 Ahnnu - Mental Eat Skull - Cookin A Way To Be Happy Kingfisherg - Patch Face Has-Lo - Utero Teams - We Have A Room With A View Fucked Up - Police Hype Williams - Jah Ras G - Star Messengers Onra - Smoking Buddha Transmuteo - Cymatics Mohave Triangles - Beginnings (Time Shared) C V L T S - Corpus Dei Broken Cups - Mindfuck Specialist Morgen J - Drunk Chickenheads Big K.R.I.T - No Wheaties feat. Curren$y & Smoke DZA Handbook - The Sixties (To The Left)

Exprimntlst Radio Episode 6
August 29, 2012 02:52 AM PDT
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Ty Segall & White Fence - Crybaby Lil Daggers - Wasting Circle Pit - Wave Machine The Groupies - Primitive Abner Jay - My Middle Name Is The Blues The Fugs - I Couldn't Get High Ketamines - Kill Me Now Ghost Bikini - Rage In The Cage Karen Cooper Complex - Jerkin Pretty Los Saicos - Demolicion Crocodiles - Billy Speed Thee Holy Ghosts - Sand In My Beer Art Tatum - Tiger Rag Creamers - Modern Day Horrible Houses - Haunted Rivers Family Tapes Birdlips - High On Yourself Mikal Cronin - The Way Things Go

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